Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Oh New Growth Where Art Thou?

I am just over 6 weeks post and I am wondering where is my new growth :s? I was expecting a summer spurt but I am actually a bit underwhelmed. Here is my new growth:

What's up with that brown streak of hair? :s Anyway...
I'd estimate I have 1 centimetre worth of new growth, that is 0.393 inches, usually hair grows half an inch a month hmm. I must be quite a slow grower because I started my hair journey in September 2010 at almost SL and I am still not APL 10 months later. I have got 3 weeks until my next relaxer is due- right in time for my birthday. Maybe it is my inconsistent use of castor oil :s I have been slacking - I wasn't applying it weekly until about a fortnight ago *sigh* I dunno hopefully I will see more new growth shortly- I'll be updating. I am planning to do my relaxer myself eek- I really need to start being a DIYer and stop relying on salons. With that, I am also considering doing a partial sew-in but I feel it would make more sense to relax first then do a sew-in rather than do a sew-in and then relax, hmm maybe. I also want to do the sew-in myself so I have been watching videos on youtube to help.

A positive thing is I have not used direct heat in almost 5 weeks- this is the longest time I have not used direct heat- yay! Mostly it is because it is rainy in London so it's completely pointless wearing straight hair for it to get wet. In addition, I use my caruso rollers for a roller set which is completely heat free :). If you check my post labelled Hairnorexia that ponytail is a result of a caruso roller set.

A hair journey is hard but I am sure it'll be worth it- I've had a few comments from friends and family about my growth :)


  1. gee i feel the same way about my new growth. or lack thereof :/ I'm 5 weeks post and I have not seen the "summer growth spurt" a lot of other people seem to be experiencing.
    good luck tho!

  2. same here! i'm 6 weeks post today and my hair's not as rebellious as usual (i'm not complaining lol!). it doesn't feel like i have that much NG though...but it just means we can stretch longer!

  3. girl, I have a brown streak also. And I feel your pain. I really am not a SLOW grower because I actually do get 1/2" per month, but I look at some ppl's NG shots talking bout they are 10 weeks post with a freakin jungle and it makes my lil waves feel inadequate! lol. At least its not breaking...just think of it that way!

  4. Thanks alay, tay and EbonyCPrincess for your encouraging comments. Good to be positive! :)