Tuesday, 19 July 2011

HOTD (Hair of The Day)

I went for drinks yesterday and as rain is forecast everyday this week in London I thought a roller set was not a good idea. Instead I did a braidout on freshly shampooed hair by airdrying in braids overnight in my satin bonnet. I wore a headscarf (from New Look) and used 4 kirby grips to pin my braidout in an updo:

I got back a bit late and couldn't be bothered to rebraid I just pinned up my hair in on kirby grip, kind of made a cute up-do:

But I thought I shouldn't be lazy and just ended up with a a banana clip braidout style:

I had to repurchase Castor Oil, unfortunately I couldn't find any JBCO so I just purchased the cold pressed castor oil. I felt slightly awkward entering the BSS as it is also a hair salon and I was the only woman with my own hair, I got some stares- in fact as I'm nearing APL the stares are increasing and it makes me uncomfortable. I'm dreading being asked by a stranger if it is my real hair, my friends have asked me before but at least I know them lol. Anyway pic:

Hopefully it does the same job, I plan to apply 1x week on a clean scalp after washing my hair and 2x week to my nape area which has suffered my breakage. I love that my nails are in the picture above- I really like them they're so eye-catching and I did them myself of course (I've never had my nails done by anyone else- ever):

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