Monday, 18 July 2011


I'm not sure- some strands of my hair are reaching APL- but I'm not "claiming" it as yet.
I've seen some pictures of some ladies on a hair journey who have claimed it but it is just literally a 3-inch section of their hair touching their armpits. I'm not being mean but I'd rather claim full APL then "semi-halfway-there APL" lol. Hopefully that can happen by the end of this year. That is my aim for my hair journey, thereafter I am going to grow my hair but I have no specific aim, I am just going to see what lengths I can reach- no pressure. I need to do a trim in August and I may go somewhere cheap to get it done like supercuts or something or do it myself (eek!).

Also, I am considering a weave - yes I said I wouldn't do it again- because I want a protective style for the Winter. I am thinking maybe of using weaves and/or braids to protect my hair throughout the Autumn/Winter months from September-February maybe...hmm not sure. If I do I want to use Remy weave- I've heard of Peruvian, Chinese and even Mongolian- I didn't even know that existed LOL.

Current Hair Picture:

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