Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hair Tag/I'm Back!

I returned from Paphos on Monday and I went straight back to work, I am soo tired guys it's unreal. Today is the first day I have gone on the Internet since I flew home- been a manic few days. Anyway hopefully pictures (if Blogger co-operates) from Paphos will be up soon as well as some hair advice for dealing with a hot climate.
Here is a Tag posted on Longing 4 Length's blog:

 1) Top three things you love about your hair
  • It's thick (I've learnt to love it- I have no choice)
  • It's the healthiest it's ever been
  • It's the longest it's ever been

2) Top Three things you have learned since being on your hair journey
  • Oils are essential
  • What works well for you may not work well for others
  • Stay away from direct heat as much as you can
3) Top three things you want to accomplish during your hair journey
  • Reach APL
  • Only use 1-3 product lines or a maximum of 6 products
  • Improve my hair blog

4) Top Three things/Products you love:
  • Castor Oil
  • Elasta QP mango butter/olive oil moisturiser
  • Satin bonnet
5) Top three Hair inspirations (youtube or otherwise)
  • Everyone I follow on this blog- check them out

I tag everyone to do this lol !

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