Monday, 8 August 2011

My Heat Tools

Even though I try my best to stay away from direct heat. I have 3 main direct heat tools, so I thought I would do a review on them :)

1. BaByliss 2287BU Pro Curl 210 Curling Tong

Description: This 210°C Salon Performance tong makes curling quick and easy. With its Advanced Ceramic Heating System it is ready to use in seconds and has ultra fast heat recovery to maintain constant high heat during use. The 25mm barrel with Tourmaline-Ceramic creates perfectly defined curls with a smooth shiny finish or run your fingers through for natural looking tousled waves. 

Background: I received this tong as a Christmas present almost four years ago. Since using being on my HHJ  I have used it once on my real hair to blend in with my half wig and numerous times on my weave when I wanted curls when I couldn't be bothered to wait for my Caruso rollers to heat up.

  • Has adjustable heat settings of 150ºC, 165ºC, 180ºC, 195ºC and 210ºC which is great if you are trying to avoid using high heat
  • Heats up extremely quickly - remember this especially if you dont want it to burn your carpet- I learnt this the hard way :(
  • Still works lol- I have bought many products from Babyliss I think they are a reputable brand and it comes with a 3 year gurantee
  • The curls will not stay for the whole evening unless you use a holding spray, they tend to drop after a few hours
  • Curls can also be created (sometimes better) using a flat iron like GHDs or Cloud 9, so if you have a flat iron- do you really need this tong as well?
2. Wahl Pro Pik Dryer



Professional 2000w ionic hairdryer with three heat settings and cool shot. Has two speed settings, continuous ionic with an easy clean removable air filter. Ideal for Afro Caribbean hair.
Background: I purchased this as I have wanted one for years and also wanted a heat tool that was not as harsh on my hair as my flat iron. I have yet to use this on my hair as I am trying to avoid direct heat, however I did use it on my mother's hair when I relaxed it around Easter.
  • Has different heat settings- I love the fact that it comes with different heat settings- you could air dry 70% then blow dry on cool, you could blow dry on the highest heat setting after just washing
  • Flexibility- the comb attachment can be removed leaving it to be used as a normal blow dryer or as a hooded dryer with a hooded dryer attachment
  • Gets hair relatively straight, when I used it on my mother's hair it didn't even need flat ironing afterwards
  • The highest heat setting is too hot- my mother couldn't bear it
  • Availability- luckily I purchased this at my local hair store Julia's, but the availability and pricing can be well 'dodgy', I've seen some hair shops sell it for £25+, Argos I believe sells it for just under £20 and I don't believe at the moment it's available on Amazon. Just search for the best deal before buying :)

    3. Ghd original ceramic salon styling iron - 2"  

    The ghd ceramic hairstyling iron is the Holy Grail of hair styling tools that features a unique built-in microprocessor which conducts heat fast and retains it more effectively. Plus its advanced infra-red heat actually protects your hair by sealing in its natural oils, moisture and hair colour guaranteeing you beautiful hair with an attractive healthy shine.

    Background: I received this as a birthday present 7 years ago and it still works the same. I used to use it when I was 16-18 with my natural hair every other day- hence why it broke off :/. Since starting my HHJ (11 months ago) I have used it about 4 times to flat iron my new growth and about twice to flat iron my whole head. I used it on my weave every time I washed it which was every 10 days.

    • Has wide plates- plates are 2 inches wide so is great for straightening thick afro hair
    • Straightens hair very well and straightened hair in general lasts until the next wash day
    • You can use this flat iron to do curls - both loose and tight curls I am yet to master this but there are tutorials on Youtube
    • Quick to heat up and quick to straighten hair due to the wide plates
    • There is no adjustable heat setting. I do not know what heat it reaches I've heard 260-360 centigrade which may be too high for people. It would be nice to have a choice
    • Price- it is $152 some may find it pricey especially when you can purchase a flat iron made by Chi which has thinner plates but does pretty much the same job. In my opinion for seven years of usage and counting it is well worth the money


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