Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots...

I live in London, in fact I live about 1 mile from where all this looting and fires are occuring, it is happening everywhere in London- North, East, West, South West and South East- alll areas. It's crazy, I have to point out that it originally started over a man who was shot dead by a policeman. Whether he shot them or was unarmed remains to be investigated. But this led to riots in the area where he was killed on Saturday night. Since then riots, looting and fires have occured every night since all over London. It has really affected me and my friends- we feel a bit scared, my mum cannot go to her workplace today and luckily my mother told me to return home early yesterday if not I would have been caught up in the violence too. I can't believe this is happening it's like a dream, hopefully it will end soon I have no idea where the parents are of all these teenagers looting at night are. People's livelihoods are gone, their homes are gone and their belongings are gone. I can't even suggest what to do to restore order, riots have now occured inthe North of England.
These riots are so thoughtless and stupid- people are destroying their own communities for what? They're fearless of police and it's clear that police are overwhelmed. Hopefully it ends soon...


  1. I've seen this on the news. I am really hoping this comes to an end soon!
    Be safe and I'll keep you and everyone in London in my prayers!+

  2. Thanks Ms D hopefully we've seen the worst of it