Thursday, 11 August 2011

Self-Relaxer - Instructions/How I Did It- Text Only

Hi guys so today I self-relaxed I was just over 9 weeks post. Yes I could have gone for longer but I was fearful of the breakage I suffered on my last stretch. It is only my 3rd relaxer of the year, the next one will be in November. I self-relaxed for the third time using the half and half method. For each self-relaxer I do I will post instructions, just in case it helps anyone :)

Preparation: I did a protein treatment (ORS replenishing pak) and shampoo washed my hair on Monday - 3 days earlier. I detangled it and added my leave-in conditioner, I bunned and didn't comb till today. I purchased 10 shower caps for £1, bargain.

To Self-Relax I used:
Wide Tooth Comb
One shower cap
One Sprush
One ORS Relaxer No-Lye Kit
3 towels (yes 3!)
My Neutralizing Shampoo: Elasta QP Stop Action (I neutralize 5-6 times and the shampoo in the pack is never enough)
My Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals
Olive Oil
8 Duck clips
A timer

Day of Relaxer Preparation:
  1. I divided my hair into four sections using a wide tooth comb.
  2. I used duck clips to clip each section to keep the sections of hair seperated.
  3. I combed through each section
  4. Using my sprush I divided my hair in sections just to make sure my hair was properly detangled.
  5. I secured a shower cap over the bottom two sections using 4 duck bill clips.
  6. I based my scalp with vaseline.
Self-Relaxer Process:

  1. I added my conditioner to my relaxed ends to protect them from any relaxer that may fall on them
  2. I mixed the relaxer
  3. I set the timer for 20 minutes
  4. Undoing the front two sections I proceeded to divide and part 1-inch sections applying relaxer to each section
  5. I leave my edges till last and applied relaxer to them, it actually took me 15 minutes to apply the relaxer!
  6. I smoothed and the timer went off, I let it sit for 5 more minutes as my hair texture is coarse - I do not reccommend this just rinse it out according to the timings on the instructions
  7. I rinsed the relaxer out making sure to avoid wetting the back
  8. Protein mid-step: Using half of the ORS replenishing pak I applied it to the two front sections, left for two minutes and rinsed out
  9. I neutralised six times, yes it took me six, afterwards I left it in my hair for 2 minutes then rinsed to ensure the relaxer was all gone
  10. I clipped up the hair took a 20 minute break and then undid the back
  11. Repeat steps 4-9 (apply relaxer, smooth, rinse, protein mid-step then neutralize)
  12. I applied moisturiser to my hair and am currently air-drying it I plan to add pictures later. So far I am pleased with the results and happy I saved £25 ;)
Just to add because of the breakage in my nape I added half a capful of olive oil to my relaxer when relaxing the back to avoid overprocessing and more breakage! In addition, I actually only used my sprush to divide and my gloves to smooth and apply the relaxer.

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