Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Self-Relaxer Results

Sorry I've been away busy busy due to my birthday (posts to follow) .
Here are my results and I am slightly disappointed with my growth.
I did relax bone straight.
January 2011:

August 2011:

(blow dried)
This is definitely not 4 inches of growth :/ . I have breakage at my nape, which was due to combing my hair when dry at 18 weeks post, it is actually quite severe, more than I thought creating an inch gap in the back of my hair *cries*. I am currently babying my nape but moisturising more and applying castor oil 2x week to this area. I think it's best to not relax until this area grows back so I might challenge myself to wear protective styles for 6 months+. This would be a sew in weave but as stated before I am concerned about breakage/shedding in a weave and also the itchies! So after much thought I think *gulp* these are my only options:
  1. Trim and stretch for 6 months
  2. Go into a protective style for minimum of 6 months then trim
  3. Transition to natural
Hmm any thoughts? Maybe I am too fixated on other people's growth rates?

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