Saturday, 10 September 2011

Protective Styling Challenge- Week 1

No pictures- I'm afraid, hopefully next week I can post some.
Just a quick update on how my weave is holding up! I have been following my regimen very well- I have used the spray every other night to moisturise my new growth and I have applied castor oil once to my edges. I also used a bit of vatika oil - most of the bottle spilt :( - to add extra shine. Unfortunately I've noticed that already my new growth seems to be peaking a bit at the front, already! Which is a bit disappointing but I guess I am 4 weeks post and this is usually when my new growth appears. The hair is great! Very minimal shedding especially in comparison to brands such as Premium Now or Premium Too (never again). I love Remi hair- it did feel a bit heavy at first but I think I have got used to it. At night I use my brush to wrap at night and wear my satin bonnet. I love the low maintenance of a weave but the itchies? Thumbs down, already I am starting to itch as remember I workout 3x week and usually wash 2x week. I feel I am going to have to prepoo the weave with oil tomorrow and co-wash after my workout.

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