Friday, 14 October 2011

My Winter Buys!

I know this is not hair-related, but I've been shopping quite a bit for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe and I thought I'd share.
Mustard chiffon shirt, £15, New Look

Exfoliating 1% Beta Hydroxy Lotion (to rid my skin of blackheads), £19.95

Satsuma Body Butter, Cocoa Butter Body Butter, The Body Shop (£12.50 usually, but these mini ones were free with my mum's purchase) . I love these my skin is never dry, the Cocoa Butter is currently 50% off

Look how much Cocoa Butter is left after 10 days:


Burgundy cable knit jumper, £11 (i think!), Primark

I've also bought two winter dresses and a bag from Primark, new gymgear from Sports Direct and still got more shopping to do lol

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