Saturday, 8 October 2011

Protective Styling Challenge- Week 5 (with Pics)

Hey so I took out my weave yesterday, it was a looong process- this is what my hair looked like fresh out of the weave:

> shed hair

Yep. I detangled in quarters with a wide tooth comb after applying vatika oil to my hair. I applied my protein DC and DCed for about 30 mins, no heat. I then shampooed and conditioned, apply my leave-in, bunned and slept with a satin cap. My plans today are just to apply castor oil to my scalp, moisturise and bun and then lacewig it for the rest of the week. My protective styling challenge is not over I just have another protective style :)

New Growth Comparison :) 31st August-7th October


  1. OMG! Why did that much hair fall off hun? xx

  2. Always does, it's normal lol. It's all the shed hair from not combing for five weeks.
    See this post: