Saturday, 8 October 2011

Protective Styling Challenge Part 1- Lace Wig Update!

Hey guys I have been protective styling for 5 weeks now. And along those 5 weeks I was considering buying a lace wig, why? Well compared to a weave:
  • I can access my scalp by removing the wig daily/weekly
  • I workout 3x week so I need to be able to properly wash my hair 1xweek
  • It lasts much longer
After A LOT of research (on youtube and Black Hair Media) I decided to purchase a lace front wig from Miss Wigs, a light yaki in colour 1B. Four essentials for buying a lace wig:
  • It's human hair
  • It has parting space (so you can part for at least 2.5 inches so it is more realistic)
  • It costs no more than £100 (I know lace wigs go for £200+ but no thanks lol)
  • It is reccommended (if unsure youtube and search!)
So I ordered Miss M, 14 inch from Miss Wigs on Sunday, it was here by Thursday. Very very impressed. I did have to pay for international shipping I think about $35. Miss Wigs is a CV (Chinese Vendor). UK ladies if you're thinking about buying a lace wig I would not purchase from your local BSS, really they're overpriced. The average price for a synthetic lace wig is about £60 in my local BSS' and that is with no parting space, from a CV you can get a nicer synthetic lace wig WITH parting space.

Here are some pictures:

Package delivered :)

Fresh out of the package:

The lace I need to trim:

Parting space:
- I may need to tweeze this hairline. 
Other good vendors:
Bestlacewigs (but has mixed reviews)
RPG Show

My simple lace wig regimen will be as follows:
Sunday: DC, shampoo and co-wash my hair, add leave-ins and plait my hair in cornrows
Monday-Saturday: apply lace wig everyday and remove at night, every other day I will moisturise my hair with my braid spray
I will still continue to apply castor oil 1x week
I have no immediate plans to relax my hair

This is how I hope to apply my lace wig to make it look more realistic (minus the elastic band)
Any other questions lemme know! Oh and of course I will post pictures of how it looks, all I need to do is purchase a rat tail comb and a wig cap :)

Disclaimer: I was not sent the wig for free, I have no affiliation with Miss Wigs I wish I did because then it would have been free lol , I paid for this wig using my own hard-earned money!

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