Saturday, 14 January 2012

Friday Night Hair GLS21 Synthetic Wig Final 5 Week Review

I wore this wig for 5 weeks over the Christmas/New Year Period. I will review this wig on a few attributes:

Tangles: This is a synthetic wig- it tangles alot! I would remove the wig and then finger comb the wig in order to detangle it. I did this on a daily basis. To avoid tangling I didn't comb the wig frequently- in fact I only did it once when I flat ironed it. For tangles I have to rate it as 2/10 (0= tangles a lot , 10= hardly tangles)

Realistic? Again, this is a synthetic wig when it came it was very shiny, but the shine faded after a while. Alternatively you could use talcum powder to dull the shine. I think human hair is more realistic looking especially Yaki texture. However I did receive a few compliments on my "hair" lol so I will rate it 7/10 (0= unrealistic, 10= realistic)

Price: This wig is very affordable, it was £50 including shipping and taxes so it's not that bad and for 5 weeks wear it costs less than a good weave. I'd give it 6/10 (0= overpriced, 10= affordable)

Company: The company is very efficient, it has a good website with lots of information. I was impressed with the shipping and packaging. I wish the shipping was lower and they had synthetic wigs with bangs, I'd still give it 8/10 (0= poor service, 10= excellent service).

Durability/Versatility: I feel this attribute overlaps. This wig is quite durable if you hang this wig up everyday but again it tangles quite a lot. It is versatile as it can be straightened but when I tried to curl it using flexi rods the curl wouldn't hold *sigh*. I'd give this 4/10. (0= poor, 10= great!)

Would I buy this wig again? Probably not, I prefer human hair wigs, but I would definitely buy from this company again if I wanted a temporary wig.

Total= 27/50