Thursday, 12 January 2012

Look What I Purchased! Yes I jumped on the bandwagon...

Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress- I plan to use this to moisturise my hair daily
This is from Ghana- I got it from my aunt's hair shop in the market. They also sold Dax for 7 cedis (£3) but I didn't purchase it. I'll post a review soon!


  1. You know, my mom used to use this stuff on my baby brother's hair (when he was a young'n and had braids) and it used to soften up his hair so nicely, even with the unspoken of ingredients!!

    Keep us posted on how it works for you!

  2. I mean when did this become acceptable again.. please fill me in.. Blue Magic I didn't think it would ever make a come back.

  3. @ Shika I will definitely do a review I think it's a great moisturiser too.
    @ Maureen I'm not sure when although I know a few naturals never stopped using grease. There were a few youtube braidout?twistout tutorials using dax, curlynikki posted a blogpost and I think it has just boomed from then. I'll let you know how/if it works.