Saturday, 7 January 2012

Go to Ghana, Just Don't Book With Brussels Airlines!

Want to hear about my travel woes? Than read on (this is a letter I sent to a newspaper):
"I have had significant trouble with Brussels Airlines. In August 2011, I booked a return flight to Accra, Ghana (departing from London Heathrow) to depart London on 21st December and to leave Accra on the 2nd January. In September 2011 my mother (she booked the flight) received an e-mail stating my return flight time had changed, however the following month she received another e-mail stating that my return flight would now be on the 1st January. I was very dissapointed and annoyed, I telephoned to complain and was informed I must e-mail instead and would receive a reply within 4 weeks. I did e-mail at the end of October 2011 and till this day I have never receievd an e-mail back. Instead I received another e-mail on the 2nd December stating my return flight time had changed again. I e-mailed back stating I was very unhappy. On the 3rd December I was informed by the customer service agent (who I had to telephone) that I had two options- either cancel and rebook elsewhere or accept a flight to leave Accra on the 2nd January but take 3 planes. I originally planned to take 2 planes (Accra to Brussels, Brussels to Heathrow). I was told the reason I could not take 2 planes was because Brussels Airlines no longer offer this return route, however they still allowed me to book this nonexistent route in August 2011. I sent another complaint email today however I am not holding my breath. Also two additonal complaints, first, the flight to Ghana stopped off in Mali for one hour we were not told this until we boarded the plane. Second, upon return via Brussels my flight was delayed for 3 hours due to "bad weather". I feel it is insulting and disgraceful that Brussels Airlines refuse to acknowledge any of the numerous complaints I have e-mailed/telephoned about."

So there you have it- incorrect contact details, no resolution or reply to my complaint and complete lack of organisation! Avoid like the plague.

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