Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm Back!

Yes I came back from Ghana on Tuesday and went back to work the day after. Ghana was amaaaaazing- it now has some lovely hotels (Novotel, La Palm, Holiday Inn) not to mention the Mall and good beaches. I had A LOT of fun! It was so relaxing. Now, the Azonto dance was EVERYWHERE when I say EVERYWHERE I mean everywhere- at the beach, in the streets, at parties, in the club, at the bar, hearing music in the cars/taxis, on the TV, kids would do it, adults too. You get my drift it was like a craze or a contagious disease lol. Here's my new favourite Azonto (dance) song:

 I'll share some pictures with you:

Sunset at La Palm (Labadi Beach) Hotel

Accra Mall

We stayed 2 days at a Lakeside Hotel (our view)

Views from the boat trip I took

Ghanaian Cedis (£1= 2.5 cedis)

Sunset at Labadi Pleasure Beach Resort (jam packed because it was New Years Day)

Me! As you can see I straightened my Friday Night Hair wig (blog post on that later)

Hope you enjoyed! Go to Ghana, I'm sure you'll love it just as much as me!

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