Monday, 2 January 2012

My Hairesolutions for 2012!

This was my post from last year
How did I do?

2011 Hairesolutions:
1. Oil my edges with castor oil twice a week to promote growth (I'm not happy with my edges at all) > wow I'm surprised I actually do this every week without fail - thumbs up!
2. Learn to roller set properly yes - however I think purchasing my Caruso roller set has meant this is very easy for me to do
3. Continue to stick to my regimen (seems to be working) Yep, though I have had some lapses but very minor
4. Avoid buying more hair products unless something actually runs out! I did very well on this- almost too well when I ran out of hair products lol, I wish to keep this resolution for 2012
5. Try and narrow down my hair products to (almost) just one line - I really like Elasta QP this is impossible- why did I even state this lol?
6. Continue protective styling at least 5x week Well I do this because I wear my lace front wig 5-6 x week so 5/6 isn't bad at all

2012 Hairesolutions:
  1. To continue to protective style 5x week
  2. To try new products like grease lol- Dax or Blue Magic just like the old days
  3. Avoid buying more hair products unless something actually runs out
  4. Reach BSB (below shoulder blade)
Happy New Year people!


  1. Girl, welcome back.
    Are you serious about trying out the grease?

    You have stuck very much to what you set out last year, good luck for the year ahead.

  2. Hey Maureen, thanks hope you had a good Xmas and New Year. Lol yes I am- I've tried Blue Magic for the last two days and it's going well. Good luck too!