Saturday, 31 December 2011

London Girly Monthly Rundown

Hey guys hope your Christmas was good and happy New Year in advance!
I have been buying… not much- just a few things to prepare for Ghana- 2x Jodi Picoult books for £4- bargain! Oh yeah and a new laptop and camera lol, almost forgot.
Check out my mini Primark haul if you wanna:

I have been eating at… Pizza Express - their X mas menu for £17 with a drink included is good. Also I ate a Xmas meal at Chiquitos - yes I had to eat all 3 courses lol. I also ate at the Curry Mile (Rusholme) in Manchester when I went up and Chiquitos, again.
I have visited… Ghana!
Best Bargain… a laptop and camera for £300- thanks BestBuy (although sorry you're closing down :/)
I have achieved… the ability to be patience and resist big chopping no matter how annoying these two textures get
I've been listening to... Rihanna- Cockiness, yes the lyrics are erm questionable. But I'm surprised I like the song lol - youtube it if you're curious
I've been reading... natural hair blogs.
Next month I’m looking forward to… I'm not sure I guess this question should be next year I'm looking forward to...I guess the answer is happiness/more travel and new experiences
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… some make-up, a new foundation since my Collection 2000 walnut foundation was discontinued :(

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