Tuesday, 31 January 2012

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying… not much- it's January so I guess I'm not the only one who has cut back! I did purchase 2 synthetic wigs to aid me in the second half of this transition to natural
I have been eating at… Pizza Express and Nandos- I love Nandos and on my next visit I will get a free half chicken (on my Nandos card). Last time I ordered chips, rice, creamy mash, chicken burger and my usual drink, diet pepsi and Fanta try this it is yummy!
I have visited… Ghana! If you want to see my Ghana Vlog watch below:

Best Bargain… nothing at the moment, petrol has gone up, travel has gone up...*sigh*
I have achieved… 6 months post relaxer- yaaaay
I've been listening to... ALOT of Ghanaian music because I miss it sooo much. The Azonto Dance is huuuuge in Ghana, check it out here:

I've been reading... Jodi Picoult books- whenever I go on holiday I order 2-3 used Jodi Picoult books for £2-£3 each from play.com and read them, I cannot put them down!
Next month I’m looking forward to… Hopefully happier times and a nice shopping trip
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… some new clothes, my last proper shopping trip was in O so I hope to purchase some earrings, leggings and a blazer or two

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