Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Six Months Post Relaxer & Transitioning Tips

Time has truly flown! Friday 27th January 2012 made it 24 weeks since my last relaxer on August 12th 2011. I have been tempted to BC a few times but I will continue to long-term transition till 12 months post, so I will BC in August. As I have been transitioning for 6 months I feel I can offer a few tips to long-term transitioners:
  1. Be careful who you tell: If you are going natural be aware that some people may not support it or understand it. But guess what? They don't have to! Your hair, your choice. Stay strong with your decision.
  2. There will be times where you will waver and consider relaxing (I had a dream I had relaxed lol). This is when it will help to go onto natural hair sites such as BGLH or CurlyNikki or NewlyNatural. I visit these sites daily to help me continue on my journey to natural hair. Check out tumblrs like hii'mcurrentlyobsessed for hairinspirations.
  3. Your regimen will probably have to change. For me, I had to give up detangling on dry hair. I had to give up combing with my wide tooth comb daily and do it weekly instead. I stopped using direct heat monthly and use it every 3 months or so. I also had to develop patience when detangling and dealing with my new growth. I use ALOT more product now compared to when I was relaxed which led me to buy things like coconut oil in bulk (from ebay).
  4. Find your heat-less protective style to transition with, I'd reccommend buns, braidouts, twisouts, curlformers, a full sew-in weave, braids or wigs. These ensure your new growth is not using heat, I chose to transition with wigs because they are low maintenance and my hair is always protected.
  5. Your hair will need a lot of moisture- don't be surprised, my hair is very thirsty. I moisturise daily but sometimes use a moisturising spray to spritz on my hair twice daily on top. Find a good moisturiser especially if your hair texture is like mine- 4a/4b it is very important to avoid breakage.
  6. Saying that, you will see some breakage. Don't worry, don't cry, don't get anxious- it is normal you are dealing with two diferent textures. To decrease breakage I use a wide tooth comb to detangle with conditioner in my hair and I do hot oil rinses prior to shampoo washing to soften my NG.
Hope it's been helpful. These tips may also help those who like stretching their relaxers!

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