Friday, 6 April 2012

200 Posts! 60 Followers :)...Big Chop or transitioning?

Thanks for following everyone, 60 followers may not be a lot but I'm pleased :).
Anyway bringing me to the topic of the post is if you have decided to go natural, how do you decide whether to long-term transition or big chop? This is my opinion and what I based my decision on.

Big Chop (BC)
  • You get to see your natural hair texture immediately
  • You have no choice but to adapt to your natural hair
  • It allows you to see (and measure) your growth journey easily
Best for...
Someone who is eager to see their natural hair and is mentally prepared for the change

 Long-Term Transitioning

  •  Allows you to grow your hair to a desired length
  •  If you are unsure about going natural you have more time to consider your decision
  • More styling options when you do BC
 Best for...
Someone who is patient (patience is neccessary for detangling) and likes protective styles

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