Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mini Hair Haul: Oils & A Butter & Video

All were purchased from ebay for a total of £10 (including postage and packaging).

1) Castor Oil
I repurchased this as my last bottle was empty. I still use it once a week on my hair prior to applying my deep conditioner. Want a demonstration? Click here.
Positives: Cheap! Great for promoting hair growth and really moisturising (especially if combined with other moisturising products)
Negatives: Can make your hair itch if applied too frequently (I'd reccommend no more than 2-3x week), quite a heavy texture so don't be too heavy handed.

2) Coconut Oil
I had to repurchase this because I can't find where my last jar got to! Hmph. I cannot do without coconut oil, I love it!
Positives: Cheap, multi-use - can be used for cooking, sealing, adding shine, in hot oil mixes and in DCs
Negatives: Mine is in a solid form so it has to be melted

3) Shea Butter
I repurchased this as this is my main ingredient in my homemade moisturiser. I really like it and I plan to use it every other day to prevent product build up and my hair feeling greasy.
Positives: Cheap, easily accessible and can be used for skin as well as hair
Negatives: Again, I do have to melt it a little bit as it is in a solid form.

I also purchasd the Shea Moisture Shampoo (12oz) from British Curlies. I am running low on shampoo and I have had my eye on it for a while. It did cost £15 including postage and packaging so I really hope it is worth it. Look out for a review soon!

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