Saturday, 30 June 2012

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I am honestly surprised at the fact that we are now more than halfway through 2012! Omg. Anyway just had to state that on to my monthly rundown.
I have been buying… even more Summer clothes! Yes I did another haul video to prepare for my holiday to Jamaica (I depart August 18th) if you are interested watch the video below :)

I have been eating at… the fish and chip recently. Well I don't like fish so I have had steak and kidney pie with chips and steak and kidney pudding with chips. I loved it! Don't judge me *covers eyes*. Also just to add I attended a lovely street party for the Jubilee (it was my street lol) and indulged in scones with jam, samosas, onion bhajis and more!
I have visited… the shops quite alot- at least 4 seperate times lol. I love shopping and even though it is not quite Summer weather here yet, I just love the clothes in the high street.
Best Bargain… my free tastecard! If you read these monthly rundowns you know I love food! I ordered a free tastecard for 50% off meals at certain restaurants. It expires the end of July so you know I will be using the heck out of it.
I have achieved…the end of my NQT year. I am officially a qualified teacher! Woop :)
Afrobeat track of the month...I'll choose a fresh one, I love Eja- Backseat but since I cannot find the video for it - Azonto Fiesta by Sarkodie ft Appietus (love them both! Legends) will be more than suitable :)

I've been reading...not much, however next month I will be definitely purchasing some Jodi Picoult books for my holiday.
Next month I’m looking forward to…six weeks off work (hey it's a perk of teaching!)
Next month I hope to splash some cash on…some more summer clothes- I know, but I need some denim shorts, more sandals, a maxi skirt...the list never ends!

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