Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Protective Styling: My 16" Lace Front Yaki Wig

I'm not sure if I have actually posted pictures of my latest LFW but here they are below:

This is after straightening with my GHDs. I purchased this wig from lacewigsfront.com and I also purchased my kinky straight from them. Honestly they are a great site- quick shipping and affordable - I just wish the knots were bleached! Anyway I recently washed it this weekend with my Herbal Essences Smooth Conditioner. I have had this wig since April and wear it at least 5x week (with my hair plaited underneath) if you want a detailed review, then watch my three-part video review which will I post at the end.

Anywho this brings me onto my current protective styling dilemma. I am bored with this LFW and Summer is beginning in June and I am very tempted to get box braids so I can bun my hair and prevent the tangling at the nape problem which occurs with lace wigs. However as you will know I do not trust any London Afro hairdressers in London. And honestly I have transitioned for almost a year - is it worth me going to a hairdressers for some box braids. My three protective styling options for Summer are below:
a) Take a risk and get box braids at the hairdressers
b) Order a kinky curly wig
c) Keep this wig and not change anything

I will definitely post pictures of my eventual protective style!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. How about installing some kinky twists and putting them in yourself? I managed to teach myself how to do them by watching Youtube videos and it's one of the best hair accomplishments that I have had since the start of my HHJ.

    They are super easy to install and great for beginners because you don't have to be super neat with the install. They are also really light so not heavy on your hairline....

    Best of all, you are not at the mercy of someone else tearing up your hairline and raking through your precious strands with a fine tooth comb.


    1. I am going to try them. Although I did try them last year and they looked a hot mess lol! But it is true, I'd rather DIY then go to a haridressers. Thanks for commenting xx