Monday, 18 June 2012

Where I Purchase...Natural Hair Products!

This is the second "where I purchase", for the health of my hair I am trying to purchase all natural hair products.

1) I would purchase from British Curlies, the only downside is the P&P is a bit pricey (almost £5) so it is best if you order 2+ products so it is worth it. I have ordered from this website 3 times and their service has been great. It has a variety of brands including Kinky Curly, Giovanni, Bee Mine and Karen's Body Beautiful. It also has a very helpful forum and product reviews are available.
2) Gidore. I have not purchased from this website but I may do in the future. They stock a variety of brands including Original Moxie, Beautiful Textures, Aubrey Organics and Jane Carter. P&P is £5.
3) If the two above were not available, I would either go to Ebay for Aubrey Organics or Giovanni, Paul's Hair World for Curls Unleashed or WholeFoods for Aubrey Organics.


  1. I love how British curlies stocks natural hair products, but I just can't find myself buying products when their delivery is so expensive!!
    Maybe one day I will get over my cheapness haha

  2. Lol Shereen I agree that is my one complaint- unless you bulk buy the delivery is quite expensive.