Monday, 11 June 2012

Where I Purchase...OILS!

Hi all, I thought I would do a weekly series called "Where I Purchase" to enable any (mainly London) readers to be able to access hair products easily and purchase them at cheaper prices. First, I will start with oils then go on to natural hair products, wigs etc.

Currently I own two oils- coconut and castor. If you would like to know the benefit of these oils click here. Where I purchase them:

1) EBAY! This is where I purchased both of my oils, click for the blogpost. P&P was cheap, it arrived quickly and you can purchase a wide variety of oils here. Just remember to check the seller's feedback first before ordering.
2) If not ebay I will go to my local Julia's or Paks (which you can also order online). This is where I got my vatika oil - which I loved and again you can get a lot of other oils here but probably in a smaller quantity.
3) Sainsbury's for olive oil (or usually I go to my kitchen), alternatively you could go to Holland & Barrett (bit pricey) and WholeFoods (quite inaccessible - they only have a few branches).

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