Monday, 13 August 2012

Natural Hair Envy!

Just a quick story, above is a picture of the last time I relaxed my mum's hair (about April 2011). Shortly afterwards the relaxer broke her hair. But to be honest I think this was through mainly neglect. My mum is a low maintenance person and she didn't keep up with her regimen. I advised her to stop relaxing. Instead my mum does protective styles (braids or a wig). I encourage her to deep condition and use the correct products (e.g. sulfate free shampoos and oils). Below is her hair as of the first week of August 2012:

*sigh* how jealous am I? Her hair grows like weeds and where is her regimen? She doesn't have one! I guess less is more.


  1. I feel you girlie, people like this remind me of folks who have amazing bodies and are like "I don't really workout, I need to eat better too" Its like ARE YOU KIDDING?! lol

  2. yeah her hair is amazing! :D great posts hun.. im following..xx

  3. Thanks Yolandaas, your blog is great I am definitely going to follow back!