Saturday, 29 September 2012

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying…a few pieces for work. So far I have purchased 2 dresses from H&M, a New Look blazer, a skirt from H&M and a pair of Primark trousers. I'm trying to steer away for Primark as I have realised it is quality over quantity.

I have been eating at…Chiquitos (Mexican restaurant)! I went there for my birthday and I went there on Friday. I've had the enchiladas, chimichangas, tapas tray - I reccommend them all and I love their desserts! I always get the garlic flatbread with cheese to start.

 I have visited…Jamaica. Okay, I did return on the 2nd September but I loooved it! My vlog is on my youtube and I have some pictures here.

Afrobeat track of the month...huuge song in Ghana- Vera by D Black. I am upset I can't go to Ghana for Xmas (£1000+ for 2 weeks no ma'am!)...but at least I get to still listen to the music :)

I have achieved...100+ subscribers on Youtube. I am happy, it'll be a year in November since I filmed my first video and with little promotion I am satisified with the number of subscribers I have.

I've been reading...Jodi Picoult books (I read 3 on holiday)
Next month I’m looking forward to…a lovely 2 day spa break in Manchester
Next month I hope to splash some cash on…this jacket that I guess everyone and their cousin, aunty and sister has lol (of course it's sold out in the UK just as I have got paid -_-)

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