Friday, 14 September 2012

My Box Braids

 I got my hair braided in Jamaica while I was on holiday. I used the X Pressions Jumbo Braid which was £2.50 for one pack at my local hair shop, I bought two packs in a colour 1B. I wanted the braids quite chunky so it would not take too long to do nor too long to take out. It took two hours. My hair was shampoo and co-washed prior to being braided as well as being deep conditioned and blown out.  These braids cost me $2,000 Jamaican dollars (£14 or $23) - this is a bargain! The braidstress did not do it too tight- this was something I was really worried about! Overall, I am pleased with the hairstyle and it's a nice protective hairstyle to give me a break from my (sometimes temperamental) natural hair.

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