Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Hurr: RPG Show PTS001

This is my protective style for Winter...I know I said I wouldn't buy any more wigs. Maybe I am an addict? Maybe I'm not? My name is Mariam and I am a weave addict? I'm not sure lol! Anyway regardless of the reasons for buying it here is my very quick review!

I purchased from RPG Show which have a great reputation for good wigs and it was a full lace wig. It is a colour 1B, 16 inches, cap size 2 (thank gosh!) and it was on sale. It is a Yaki texture, the texture is quite coarse (coarser than I thought!) but it definitely mimics African American hair. It did take almost 4 weeks to be delivered via DHL, this is a very long time and I did not think it would take that long! Even with the Chinese holiday at the beginning of the month I was quite surprised. They did send me a tracking number after I e-mailed them and shortly after I placed my order they e-mailed me to confirm my postal address which was a nice touch. Here are the pictures, any other comments/questions feel free to leave the, below:


  1. Nice wig :) I should probably buy something like this for the winter.. but i'd be so scared the wig would fall off though :/ lol xx

  2. Thanks, lol! Most have an elastic band you can use to secure it.

  3. ey hun, love the review! i really want to but this wig however im from London. I did follow the link and go onto the sie although is a little confusing. Could you plz plz plz let me know a litle more about this wig and how uwent about dying it. love the colour want to do it xcaly the same!

    Thanks hun

    please please pleaseif you have time could u email me would like to ask you more about the hari. would be most gratful!

    1. Hi Saisha the link goes straight to the wig...I didn't dye it if you want the same colour as mine it is colour 1B. It is a full lace wig, if you have any other questions e-mail me -