Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Super Moisturising Deep Conditioning Routine

These are the two products that I use in my hair. On the left is Shea Butter restorative conditioner, if you want a review click here. And my all-time favourite deep conditioner Aubrey Organics, click here for the review.

I apply the restorative conditioner to each section (I use 5-8 sections) and then I layer Aubrey on top of it.

If I have failed to moisturise my hair the day before I use my olive and castor oil mix first on each section. I generally workout whilst the deep conditioner is in my hair (my hair is covered in a scar of course). When I take down my hair to wash it, it is always super moisturised and super soft.

This combination is a bit heavy (ideal for my type 4 hair) but it did give a nice curl pattern (curl styler maybe?). I loved the definition, I really need to start doing styles on my hair. My hair is past the TWA (teeny weeny afro) stage. Let me know if there are any good styling products. I need to purchase one. I'm thinking- African Pride's shea butter curl pudding, Shea Butter's (pricey but all natural) curl enhancing smoothie or an old favourite Elasta QP mango butter.


  1. Yes, your curls are definitely poppin!

    1. Thanks, your progress is amazing, your hair looks v healthy