Friday, 2 November 2012

The Cheapest Place to Buy Shea Butter and 5 Other Natural Hair Essentials

I saw the title of this post over on one of my favourite blogs Black Girl With Long Hair. I didn't really read it because obviously it is an American blog so I wouldn't be able to buy at any of the shops they listed! So I thought I would do a London version :) Hopefully it's helpful, I've had a regimen for just over 2 years so I have developed a bit of knowledge about where to buy things from.
BGLH hair essentials was:

1. Raw Shea Butter: I'd personally go to there is a lot of choice and delivery tends to be cheaper than other online hair product shops. Just a warning majority will come solidified if you want it in a liquid form you would have to melt it. Even better is you can choose the quantity you want, be sure to read  reviews (another bonus!) before purchasing. Here is 250g of shea butter for £7.18 including postage and packaging.

It may sound silly but one of the best places to find hair products cheaply is abroad. Remember my Suave bargain? I know when I go to Ghana Easter 2013 I will definitely pick up some Shea Butter.

2. Jojoba Oil: Again I'd suggest Amazon I've previously purchased Castor Oil from there and it was definitely organic. £6.60 for 100ml (including P&P). The same item is also sold on Ebay, same price.

3. Henna: I agree with BGLH on this one, henna is not something you want to play with. Once you use it is hard (mostly impossible) to remove. The cheapest places I've seen Henna are local Indian shops or even butchers (yes butcher shops- just ask!).

4. Apple Cider Vinegar: I'd have to go with Ebay on this one. It is about £7 for 500ml-1litre, don't forget to check their feedback score if it isn't 99% or above I wouldn't order from them.

5. Vitamin E Oil: The best place to buy this in my opinion is Holland & Barrett, £6.89 for 100ml, shipping is £1.99, there's a few Holland & Barretts around so you can also go instore

6. Storage Containers: This is an easy one- either the 99p shop or Poundland (where you can often buy 3 for £1/99p). Alternatively when you finish one product don't throw the container away, keep it and you can store other products in it- this is also beneficial if you need to go travelling soon.

If you would like to read about why each product is beneficial for your hair I will link the post again, just click here


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