Sunday, 31 March 2013

London Girly Monthly Rundown

At the moment I am in Ghana on holiday- I'll be back in 10 days but have got some scheduled blogposts for you guys :). Upon my return I am planning a giveaway, it's about time after almost 18 months on Youtube and almost 2 and a half years blogging!

I have been buying…nothing...well nothing for myself. In March it was my brother's birthday (I planned a surprise birthday party cue major stress but it worked out well and we had a lot of fun!), mother's day and my mum's birthday. My dad's birthday is in 5 days soo all of my money is going on them! However the next payday will enable me to resume my normal shopping habits :). The only hair related thing I purchased was castor oil (I already have some but I must have a back up that's how much I love it)

I have been eating at…home? lol. I did go to Franky and Benny's and have a carbonara calzone, garlic bread and lovely apple crumble with custard. Yum! I also went to my local Indian and as always I had chicken korma, naan and onion bhajis.

I have visited…the 02 to see So Solid in concert. It was was gave me life! I can't describe the vibe well if you weren't there but everyone was just having fun and singing along. I can't believe I knew all the words and turned into an MC for the night lol. (Just in case you are an international reader So Solid is a 25 member garage collective who formed the 90s, were very successful in the early 2000s but were basically prevented by the police from touring the UK. Therefore this was their first ever concert)

Track of the month...I'm definitely going to pick a So Solid tune. This was the first ever song I heard from them, and their first top 40 song too.

Next month I’m looking forward to…shopping again!

Next month I hope to splash some cash on…some high waisted trousers or leggings, maybe these from Topshop and this jumper is so cute I want it too. Judging by the snow we had after the first day of Spring (yes after!) I will probably need a few jumpers.


  1. So gutted I didn't go to the so solid concert, reading your post turned me into mc'ing a little.
    They definitely were my school days crew, loved them!
    Enjoy your holiday

    1. Thanks Maureen same I loved them at school and my holiday was great!