Monday, 8 April 2013

How I Wear My Natural Hair Under My Wig

Currently I am in Ghana, it is 32 degrees centigrade over here so I will not be wearing wigs unless I'm going out in the evening. It is waaay too hot to wear a wig in the day! Saying that, the plan for the Spring/Summer is for me to wear my hair out (eek!) and put down the wigs until Autumn. I'll keep you updated on that one. The wig I am wearing is the wig I made here.
I wash my hair weekly, detangle and braid down my hair as flat as I can. Here are some pictures:

Okay they're big, they're ugly but it does the job and I cannot cornrow. I find braiding my hair wet makes my hair lay flatter. I do think as my hair grows it is going to get even more difficult to wear wigs as the braids may make my wig bulky :/. But at the moment, there's no problem:

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