Monday, 29 April 2013

I got braids!

Yep, I got my braids done recently in Ghana, it cost 20 cedis (7 pounds, $10).

I used 2 packs of X pressions hair (which is what I always use), colour 1B. I was hesitant to get my hair done because I have worked hard to get my natural hair to a good state of health (and growth!). It was okay in the end, although I think it is obvious that more hairdressers need to learn how to care for natural hair rather than "do" hair (this was my first time to a hairdresser since August 2011). I hope to have it in for at least 5 weeks.
I recently uploaded my second part of my Ghana vlog, if you want to check it click here


  1. The beauty of being in Ghana is you can get a braid or any other style at a pretty cheap price without compromising the health of your hair.

    1. long as they don't do it too tight- which they didn't! I'll definitely get it done again when I go back there