Friday, 31 May 2013

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying…a few bits! New hair click here for info, I also purchased these trousers from New Look, and a midi dress and some cute black plimsolls from New Look. I also got this bright neon skirt from River Island I was pining for in my last monthly rundown and a crop top (which I've already managed to get dirty smh).

I have been eating at…Nandos - yes as usual! My standard meal I blogged about in the last monthly rundown- half a chicken, sweet potato mash (which I tried for the first time and loved!), pitta and halloumi cheese (standard). Also I went to Harvester's and had BBQ ribs with mashed potato and a white chocolate sundae best for dessert. It was so delicious and I love the fact they have the calories printed enabling me to make healthy food choices.

I have visited…no where interesting lol. I have booked a holiday to Milan in July which will be lovely.

Track of the month...I've selected an underrated track- Body Party by Ciara...see if you can notice the sample. I think she's such a great dancer

Next month I’m looking forward to…a few lovely family events- my mother's retirement party, Father's day as well

Next month I hope to splash some cash on…trousers...I need some asap. I'm looking at high waisted trousers- either these from Topshop or these from River Island. I'm also on the hunt for a formal dress or two for some upcoming events.

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