Monday, 9 September 2013

Natural Hair Talk #1: Does wearing weave equal self-hatred?

I really wanted to post my opinion on different natural hair issues and this was one that cropped up recently. I plan to post these monthly or every other month...depending how it goes.

This question was asked on Instagram and Twitter both were asked by two black males. So I thought I would provide my answer:

The main reasons (in no particular order) women wear weaves are because:
a) It is easier than having to care for their natural hair
b) They like the versatility of different hairstyles
c) They think it makes them more attractive
d) As a protective style to improve hair growth retention
e) They want to *shrugs*

I have worn weaves on and off since the age of 19. I originally got a weave because my friends chose to so I did to. Back then I did like the ability to swang my hair back and forth! I also liked the ability to have long 18inch hair then a 10 inch bob with a bang then long hair again. I did not continually wear weaves sometimes I would wear braids too. But I would NEVER wear my natural hair, the only time I saw my natural hair between 19 and 22 years old was when I saw my reflection in the mirror when I took my weave down lol. Yes I hold my hands up in shame I know better now *hallejuiah*

 Fast forward to the present and the weave game is serious. Competitive. One weave bundle could set you back as much as £100+ (no I haven't paid that much). You now have Peruvian, Chinese, Malaysian, Brazilian, Russian, Indian and even Native American. So why do I still wear weave?

Well firstly, I just want to clarify black women are not the only race to wear weaves, no no no the Kardashian sisters do as well *shock horror*. 

As well as many English celebrities who choose to add extra wefts whether sewn in or clipped in. Back to the matter...I wear weave because of reasons B, D and E. Let me explain:
B) I like having different hairstyles. I get bored. I haven't worn weave or a wig on a daily basis since March and I have been rocking my natural hair everyday. I rarely wear the same natural hair hairstyle two days in a row. I have a serious hair decision making disorder - yes I made it up. On the weekends, if I want to wear a huge afro kinky curly wig and then a wig with a bang then a wig and then an afro puff- who gon stop me? Which brings me onto E). One of the BEST things about going natural is the increase in confidence I have. People stare sometimes (hey my type 4 hair can produce a huuuge puff) and probably think !why am I wearing it? Where is my weave and why do I think it looks good?" My head, my hair. Simple. Ain'tnobodygottime to spend worrying about people think, okaay!

Finally D)- weave for me has seriously helped me with my natural hair growth. Do you know how hard it was transitioning for 11 months and handling bone straight ends and type 4 roots? Girrrll. So I am so happy I had my wig to help me through! And yes, I love my wigs/weave in the Winter this enables me to protect my natural hair from the cold and snow. 
I can't speak for all women. But please don't judge a book by its cover. Not ALL women wear weaves because of self hatred. SMH. I repeat- I have not worn a weave or a wig to work since MARCH. Funnily enough when I stated I wear natural hair AND weave to one of the males who stated black females wear weave to be white. I got no reply. I guess we can't all handle it when someone proves you wrong *shrugs* ;)

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  1. I think that self hate is a strong Word. I dont think a weave equals self hate. However, i feel a bit sad when i see so many black people wearing indian hair. I think somehow it is a low mark for African hairtypes when African ladies choose to cover Their own hair with hair of another ethnicity. I know people with a lot of hair, natural or relaxed, that braids Their beautyful hair tightly and cover it with a wig.

    I think black women are the only etnicity that so frecuently choose wigs made of hair of a totally different etnicity than Their own.

    Other than that, i have nothing against wigs, but i would feel a bit akward wearing extra hair on top of My own. Maybe a few extentions if i could find then in My own hairtype and colour.