Tuesday, 8 April 2014

London Girly Monthly Rundown- MARCH

This is a bit late- oops!

I have been buying…not much AGAIN. I have been buying gym wear- soon my wardrobe will be 60% gym, 30% work and 10% for the rest lol.

I have been eating at…a few places, mainly Indian. I of course get my usual chicken korma unless I have a cold (which I did at the start of the month) it is a spicy chicken biriyani!
I also went for (another) afternoon tea for Mother's Day!

I have visited…the park...a few times. The weather has become a lot brighter and warmer and I have gone for a few strolls - it has been lovely!

Next month I’m looking forward to…SHOPPING! After a few family celebrations I FINALLY get to spend some money on ME!

Next month I hope to splash some cash on…clothes, clothes and more clothes! I may actually post a haul on this blog or do a video.

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