Friday, 4 April 2014

Natural Hair Style Files #6

Style: Braidout
Used: Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie

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  1. I like to experiment with my hair. It was always thick and strong, so my experiments were mostly successful. But 3 years ago I started to experience problems with my hair. It was drastically thinning. In three months I could not recognize my head: instead of thick shiny curls there were dull strands, which used to become greasy already on the second day after wash. I had to stop experimenting and start saving my hair. I tried gallons of different shampoos, masks, lotions and other external remedies, with almost no result. When a hairdresser recommended me special vitamins for hair I was not especially excited. But she convinced me to try. That was HairGain Formula, by Military Grade. Now I know that was my lucky day. During the first month I saw no results, but after the second month I’ve already noticed a positive change – a newly grown baby-hair all over my head! I continued for two more months and understood that my lovely hair was gradually coming back). Now I am much more careful with hair experiments. Besides, I take 2-3 months’ course of HairGain at least two times a year.