Saturday, 29 January 2011

Corrective Relaxer (Pics Included)

So I FINALLY got my corrective relaxer yesterday! When I say I have been DYING to get this done it is not even an exagerration. I got mine done at the Raquel Wheeler Salon in London I was charged £30 for a relaxer and roller set , I could have got a trim as well (but I didn't want/need that). I will definitely be going to this salon for my future touch ups, the next one will be April 8th (10 week stretch). I did have to wait 45 minutes to be seen but it was Friday evening. The service was good and the hairdresser didn't get annoyed with my numerous questions including: "you're not going to cut my hair are you?", "you're only going to put my relaxer on the regrowth aren't you?" lol.
To prepare for my relaxer, I did a clarifying shampoo on Thursday 20th January and I did a protein treatment on Monday 24th January, I avoided washing my hair afterwards. I then coated my relaxed ends with carrot oil the night before my relaxer to prevent over processing. I used Organic Root Stimulator Extra Strength- my hair did not burn and furthermore my hairdresser applied the relaxer throughout my hair and combed it through and then left it a bit longer in my hair. My gosh my hair must be coarse! Anyway results:

before relaxer:

before relaxer:

 after relaxer:

I am very happy, my hair is growing (so far 3 people have asked if it's my real hair lol) and I see progress in my ends and the overall health of my hair. I can't stop touching my hair- I can finally get a comb through :)
I will definitely be using this striped shirt in all of my length check pictures now to make comparisons soo much easier.