Saturday, 29 January 2011


Thanks so far to everyone who has followed me- I just realised I have 13 followers so hey!
I did make a resolution not to buy more things/hair products, but I needed a heat protector spray that also gave great hold for my rollersets/braidouts/flexi rod sets so I bought Elasta QP Design Silk Spray £1.59 (about $2.50).
I love the Elasta QP and Organic Root Stimulator line and mostly stick to these ranges for products. My exceptions are my carrot oil, Herbal Essences beautiful ends leave-in and my VO5 clarifying shampoo/conditioner. I am tempted to try Elasta QP's DPR-11 deep conditioner instead oy my ORS Hair Mayonnaise but we'll see when I run out.
I also want to buy this:
Aussie 3 minute miracle and use this as a moisturising deep conditioner. I'm slightly worried that I'm DCing with Hair Mayonnaise 2x week which is a protein DC so I may alternate with the Aussie (though I've heard the smell is dreadful!).
Oh and another item:
Babyliss Hard Hooded Hair Dryer think it's about £20.

Two things I've decided after my relaxer:
1. My next relaxer is April 8th 2011 , so this means a 10 week stretch (my longest was 9 weeks)
2. I want to start rollersetting after co-washing so I need to buy some magnetic rollers. I think I will rollerset on wet hair 1x week and do a braidout 1x week on wet hair.

But as my hair is relaxed now expect more hair tutorials on things like flexi rods, roller setting, braidouts etc.
hhj :)

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