Monday, 25 July 2011

How I Style My Hair For My Workouts

It is really strange that I have never mentioned the thing that I do 3x week every week and that is workout! I joined a gym in January 2010 and I go every week. I always found it strange that some women on hair forums have commented that having relaxed hair makes it difficult to workout - I really don't see why! Anyway here is what I do when I go to the gym:

I coincide my wash days with my workout days. My shampoo wash day is Monday and my co-wash day is Thursday. I also go to the gym on another day of my choice but I do not wash my hair on this day (though during Summer I'm finding that I have to sometimes).

Prior to my workout I apply my deep conditioner (protein on Mondays, moisture on Thursdays) to my dry hair and comb through for even distribution and then I tie in a bun. The heat from my workout (I feel) allows my hair to be deep conditioned. After my workout I wash (shampoo wash on Mondays, co-wash on Thursdays) my hair in the shower. At home I apply my leave-in and either braid or bun, cover with my satin bonnnet and my hair air dries overnight. So simple and I'm only in the shower once, this allows me to spend minimum time on my hair because I am quite a low maintenance person.

Extra information:
  • I do spinning classes every week- they are a killer! But they have worked really well especially on my legs
  • I do a resistance (weight) class every week
  • I have lost 31 pounds (2 stone and 3 pounds) from attending a gym and cutting down on my portions, I used to wear size 18 (American size 14) jeans and size 16 (American size 12) tops, now I have dropped two dress sizes on my top and bottom :)
  • The gym is hard work and to be honest I don't particuarly enjoy the gym but I enjoy the benefits
  • Also I was following Weight Watchers when I was on this weight loss regime (Jan 2008-May 2008 I lost my first 17 pounds, then Jan 2010-April 2010 I lost my next 14 pounds), it did take a while but steady weight loss is better weight loss
  • I have been maintaining my weight since April 2010- that is hard- I put on 14 pounds when I lived in the States for Summer 2010 lol, I lost it in 1 month when I came back to the UK. I also have recently lost 7 pounds which I put on during my holiday to Cyprus
  • I have not eaten Burger King, Morleys (UK food chain) or McDonalds since Autumn 2007 and I will never eat these foods again.
  • My BMI is 0.7 points too high and I just fall into the overweight category- but as far as I'm concerned life is too short to worry about 0.7 points, I'm happy with my weight and I am maintaining.
If you want extra advice or information or if you are a newbie to a gym just comment and I will reply :)

Summer 2007:

Summer 2010 (after a 38 pound weight loss):

Now (with clip-ins, 7 pounds heavier then the picture above - but happy :D)


  1. wow weldone girl. That's amazing weight loss and happy for you that you have maintained and you're happy with your weight.

    Spin classes are a damn killer but worth it I think also.

    I think people moaning about working out and not good for their hair is just laziness!!


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  2. I have to agree Maureen, working out is hard work but rewarding :)