Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lorena Half Wig- Detailed Review

I have always been curious about half-wigs so last week I ordered a synthetic one from The shipping was really quick it arrived 3 days later after I ordered it I was quite surprised. If you live in America the wig is available from This is the packaging it arrived in, just a plain silver bag, nothing special:
This is the packaging the wig arrived in:

I opened it and the wig was enclosed in a net, it comes with combs in the front and combs in the back. In order to fully test the wig, I wore it yesterday for a night out, I was a bit afraid of looking too wiggy.  In order to blend my 7 weeks post hair with the wig, I left a front section of my hair out and flat ironed and tonged it, I applied my Tresemme heat protectant before. The back section was tied in a bun, bit blurry but I was rushing!
I then put the half wig on, it falls just beneath APL in the front and BSL in the back:

- not APL yet :(

 Finished result:

So what do I think of Lorena?

I like her, the combs made me feel abit secure but I also used 2 kirby grips (bobby pins) to secure her because the last thing I wanted is my half wig on the dancefloor lol. A disadvantage is that she is very difficult to blend with relaxed hair with new growth without using direct heat. I believe half wigs can be used as a protective style, but I don't think it's a protective style for me- what I prefer are buns. She didn't look too wiggy to me, she just looks almost the same as a partial sew in weave. I've heard a tip is if you wish to dull the shine of a half wig add talcum powder. I am going to give this half wig to my mother who is currently transitioning and she is going to wear it with a headband at the front, I may wear it on occassion. She does tangle a little bit at the back but I keep her in the net that it came with in order so the hair can hang to keep some type of shape. The difficulty with me is that when I do go into protective styles like weaves I often take out my hair and forget what I do to take care of my hair- sounds crazy but I wore sew-in weaves consistently basically without breaks from 18-21 years old, when I took them out it was like what do I do now? So I installed again. I think I'm still getting to know my hair so maybe protective styling isn't for me at the moment. However if I was to purchase another half-wig I would buy a curly one so I wouldn't have to use heat and just do a braidout to blend.


  1. I think the wig looks nice on you

  2. I really like it. The soft waves look really good.

  3. This is Lovely hun awesome blog x