Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quick Hair Update: 'The Day is Approaching'...

My relaxer day is approaching- and as usual I am envisioning the usual scenario: telling myself I am going to self-relax and then sloping off to the hairdressers with £30 ($45) in hand. I was reading my previous blog posts and I self-relaxed (attempted to) twice in late 2010. First time was semi-successful the second time was unsuccessful. Therefore I just gave up. I am going to try (and I mean try) to convince myself that I can self-relax, however the fear of failure is looming. The main reason I want to self-relax is to be free of stylists (and the money they charge!). Furthermore, in London I have yet to experience a great hairdresser, where my hair is not targeted with direct heat all the time, my natural hair texture is very coarse. In addition, in America I've heard in order to be a hairdresser you must have a cosmetology licence. I have never been to a hairdresser where such evidence of hairdressing practice has been shown. In fact most of the hairdressers I go to wear weave! *pause*, I'm attending a hair salon where their real hair is hidden, would I go to a dentist who has no teeth? *Sigh* anyway I am rambling, I'm off to watch some self-relaxer videos on youtube. Just thought I'd share my thoughts :)



  1. Lol at dentist with no teeth.
    I do thank god for my mum because she has always done my relaxers. I used to go hairdressers for a steam but that was traumatic enough.

    I don't know if I could self relax, i would burn the hell out of scalp that's for sure.

    Good luck girl :)