Sunday, 18 September 2011

Protective Styling Challenge- Week 2, with pic!

Hey guys just a quick update with pictures this time! I had a moment this week where I missed my hair, but I am still loving the low maintenance of having a weave! I am getting a bit worried that it will not last 6 weeks though. Anyway I washed my hair yesterday and decided to use my Bablyiss tong to create some curls. It kind of failed lol- but here are some pictures anyway:

I have not been doing as well with my regimen as I should be- I kept forgetting to moisturise my braids and wrap my hair at night- oops! Last week was a tiring week this week should be waaay better. Recently, I've been thinking about purchasing a lace wig I've seen some great reviews on youtube from retailers like rpgshow, fridaynighthair I think I'd like the fact I can take it off nightly which I obviously cannot do with a weave. I know there are some scarily bad looking lace wigs out there. But I reckon I could rock one. Hmm thoughts? Until next time!
Until next time!

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