Sunday, 25 September 2011

Protective Styling Challenge- Week 3

Hey guys- just a quick update, I have done waaay better with my weave regimen- I shampoo washed my hair yesterday, moisturised 2x this week and applied castor oil to my edges and nape- yay! And I wrapped my hair most nights. Yesterday night I did a flexi rod set, after washing and blow drying my hair I used about 11 flexi rods, the same ones here. And I left them in for just over 12 hours- my hair came out super curly and I really do think applying on hair that was damp gave better results. Here are the results:

< here is the hair with no product in it after blowdrying- it's wet & wavy texture but I'm not a fan of the natural texture

I will posting a review of the hair when I take it out. Have a good week!

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