Monday, 24 October 2011

How to make Lace Front Wigs look realistic...

So remember I purchased my lace front wig? And this is my protective style for now. I had to work on Miss M a little bit so she was realistic. This is what she looked like when I tried her on:

Umm no. How fake does the hairline look? I actually wore her to work like this with a headband on top of course. As soon as I finished work I started tweezing the hairline with these tweezers (£1.79, Superdrug). I tweezed one hair out of every four on the hairline, to create a more realistic look like this video shows. I tried her on and if I didn't like the result I continued to tweeze, I also created baby hairs with my tweezers just like the video. I also cut the three combs out of the lace wig b/c after four days of wearing the wig with the combs I felt as if I would have no edges or nape left lol. Now I just wear a wig cap, put the wig on, secure her with two kirby grips (bobby pins). I tend to put the wig on, secure her then take out some of my own baby hair and gel down with ORS Smooth and Hold (which works muuuuch better if you use less product). Look:

Here is a picture of Miss M with the hair curled using my GHD straighteners:

(Dress, £11 Primark)
 I straightened the hair the next morning and it was fine. I plan to wash my wig next weekend and every 2-3 weeks thereafter.
I do have my eye on a couple of lace wigs that I'd like to purchase but I refuse to become a LWJ (lace wig junkie) lol, so I am not purchasing another one till the end of February. I plan to buy a full lace wig- that way I can do updos, ponytails etc.


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