Friday, 31 August 2012

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying…Zara bags- very decently priced but good quality. I have purchased two and this is one. This is due to my new "quality over quantity" mantra. I am currently on a Primark ban lol and have decided to start purchasing clothes and accessories that are from quality shops rather than thinking to buy it just because it's cheap. Basically I'm going to stop being cheap lol

I have been eating at…Nandos...again. I know I mentioned it in my last monthly rundown but honestly I think I go to Nandos every month! This time I went twice lol- I had half a chicken, rice and garlic bread. I also went to a buffet restaurant in Bournemouth that had Indian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese! I had quite a lot.

 I have visited…I have spent two lovely weekends away in Bournemouth

and Southampton

I love going for weekends away around Britain. And also I went to Spitafields to see my brother model for African Fashion Week. He did great!!!

Photo: African Fashion Week 2012

Best Zara bags.
I have achieved...I suppose my big chop is an achievement. Some days I thought I would never be brave enough to big chop. But I'm happy I did :)
Afrobeat track of the month...this time I am going to choose an artist who I think is really talented. He is a good producer and artist and writer! And he's Ghanaian :) lol, this is his song: Kaalu, he is called E.L. This is a cool dance group called K5.

I've been reading...all about the Olympics, I love watching TeamJamaica!
Next month I’m looking forward to…hmmm I'm not sure I have a feeling I'll have the post holiday blues (after my holiday to Jamaica)
Next month I hope to splash some cash on…apart from car tax and insurance (meh) I will purchasing a few Topshop purchases. I have my eye on this and this.

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