Sunday, 2 December 2012

Natural Hair Update (with pictures of course!)

I     I am almost 16 months natural:

      I've definitely realised the transition to natural hair is a physical and mental journey. I’ve definitely made the physical journey (obviously I did the Big Chop in August). However the mental journey is what I’m embarking on at the moment. What I mean is…it is easy peasy (for a lot of people!) to cut their hair off. But what about wearing the hair? Accepting your shrinkage? Embracing your hair texture whether it is type 4 or type 3? I think I’m still on this journey. The reason being is because I have yet to wear my natural hair out for two reasons:  

          1. It is Winter and it is cold so a wig is an ideal protective style
o    2. It is proving difficult to style and I am kind of fearful of people’s reactions – what will work colleagues or friends or even family have to say?
I have been wearing a straight wig since September- will I get questioned? “Why are you wearing your hair like that?” “What happened to it?” “Did you cut your hair?” I don’t think I’m ready for all of that yet! But I definitely want to start wearing my natural hair out with pride and put down the wigs. After all, one of the main reasons I started this blog was to encourage other girls from London to wear their own hair out with pride and take care of it. I recently received an Instagram message stating one girl was also transitioning and she had seen my videos. But how much of my own natural hair have I shown on my channel? Not much – I felt guilt. So I turned a negative to a positive. I watched a bunch of hair styling tutorials notably by my faves 1simplyounique and charyjay and was inspired! I have ordered 2 sets of perm rods and African Pride curl pudding. Hopefully this will be the start of me beginning my mental journey and practicing hair styling, actually wearing my hair out and about and uploading more natural hair videos!
Okay so I attempted a braidout (no “hold” product was used) after my wash day. This looks great right:

Check the rest of my hair:

No ma’am. I need my pudding and perm rods ASAP. Of course I will show results and do a review on the product shortly :]


  1. What did u do to grow ur hair long what product did u use also do u recommend I braid my hair for a year to see growth in my hair

    1. Hi Deborah that could be a good idea- braids are a good protective style but make sure you take breaks between installations and also don't get them done too tightly. I have just used castor oil on my edges and here is my regimen: